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Nouvelle traduction : The home

vendredi 23 janvier 2015, par gilles

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it’s in the heart of an authentic and picturesque village of Bessin which we propose to welcome you to "le Clos de la Croix".
" le Clos de la Croix" is an old farm, dating from the XVIII-XIX century. The house is located in the old part of village, which includes pretty buildings. "le Clos de la Croix" is located near the church "Saint Pierre" (XI century).
If the house had known several renovations over time, the outbuildings (stables, barn) have kept their style of yesteryear, whose the remarkable ground (red bricks) of the stable, built from a factory in the area.
Enclosed by walls, the "Clos de la Croix" offers several spaces of greenery, which will bring you peace, tranquility and discretion. The orchard (apple, plum, pear), the cottage garden, boxwood garden and terraces will charm you with the seasons.